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Below, are some recommendations for books, articles, podcasts, and videos that I hope will help. Sometimes when I'm feeling lonely and depressed, or anxious and worried, listening to someone else's story is enough to make me feel better. Other times, I want something more science-y that helps explain the why behind what I'm feeling. In this section, I've tried to include some links to resources that I have found helpful myself. 

May the resources here be of benefit.

None of the published works on this page are my own. I have tried link to the original work and credit the original author. Any impression that I am trying to take credit for this work is in error. 

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please reach out to a Suicide or Crisis hotline:

Throughout Europe: 116 123

International Helpline Berlin Hotlines

(English):030-44 01 06 07

(Russian): 030-44 01 06 06

National Hotlines in Germany:

0800 1110 1110

800 1110 222

In the United States: If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call 911, go to the nearest emergency room, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to reach a 24-hour crisis center, or text MHA to 741741 at the Crisis Text Line.

Don't see your country? Go to:

Are you curious about what happens when you reach out to a crisis hotline? Read this blog post by

Melina Acosta:

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